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Touch Learning 新山英语会话中心

touch learning sutera

Part Time General English Course ( Johor Bahru )

May 24 2018, 07:03am

Posted by Wesley Tlea

Our General English course focuses on improving your all-round English and in particular your communication skills. Our focus is on students interacting and communicating with each other and getting you to use the language you learn to make you more fluent...

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Touch Learning @ Taman Mount Austin

May 5 2018, 04:38am

Posted by Mr. Ong (017-730 4893)

Our 4th Branch will be opening at Taman Mount Austin in 19 June 2018!! Contact us today and take a FREE test to ascertain your level of English proficiency. 你在为英语不流利而烦恼吗? 或没有信心开口说英语? 用对方法,原来掌握英语也不难~ 我们的英语会话课程除了着重于学员们在英语沟通会话方面的加强,也兼顾学员在于聆听与理解、发音训练、词汇、书写等等方面的运用哦~...

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英语课程 @ 五福城 / 新山坡底 / 古来

April 11 2018, 11:09am

Posted by Wesley Tlea

【 ENGLISH COURSE - 英语会话课程 】 用对方法,原来掌握英语也不难 😆让我们采用轻松有趣的学习方式提升大家的英语沟通能力! 我们现已开放《 免费英语程度测试 》来初步了解学者们的英语水平情况,好让我们的英语顾问能对症下药解决您对英语学习的烦恼‼️ 上课时间自由 (周二至周日) 全英语环境教学,专业师资授课 附送发音课程(IPA) + 线上辅助教材(Online E-Learning) 课程内容包含:轻松有趣地让学员融入课题讨论,加强词汇理解运用、模拟各式实用课题对话、临场表达沟通能力、聆听与灵活运用英语、书写技巧、发音训练、演说等等......

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