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Touch Learning 新山英语会话中心

english centre in kulai

JB 新山英语中心(免费英语测试)- 招生

July 10 2018, 12:28pm

Posted by Mr. Ong (017-730 4893)

JB 新山英语中心(免费英语测试)- 招生

招生 《英语会话课程 - ENGLISH COURSE》 招生

  •  上课时间 :早、午、晚 (自由选择性上课)

  •  班级人数 :小班制 (每班人数不超过9人)

  •  学院地点 :Skudai / JB / Kulai / Mount Austin

  •  课程内容 :

    • 模拟各式实用课题会话 

    • 加强临场表达沟通能力

    • 增加实用性词汇和组句结构

    • 发音训练 

    • 加强文法和书写运用

🎉🎉  现在机会来了!🎉🎉


(体验一堂英语课只需 RM30 哦!)

JB 新山英语中心(免费英语测试)- 招生
JB 新山英语中心(免费英语测试)- 招生

Touch Learning 新山英语中心 

快联络 / SMS 我们的辅导人员询问详情以及安排 【 免费 】 英语考试程度测试!

➽ 新山坡底英语中心: Level 13, Public Bank Tower, No.19, Jln Wong Ah Fook, 80000 J.B。
➽ 五福城英语中心: 90B, Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Tmn Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor.
➽ 古来英语中心: 205, Jln Kenanga 29/2, Indahpura, KulaiJaya
➽ Mount Austin 英语中心: 7-02, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor


📲 WhatsApp/Call: 017-7304893 ( Mr. Ong )
📩 Email: touchedu02@gmail.com
​ⓕ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TouchLearning


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Mount Austin 英语会话与 IELTS 培训课程

June 8 2018, 04:01am

Posted by Wesley Ong - 017-730 4893

Touch Learning 英语中心第 4 分行 @ Taman Mount Austin

你在为英语不流利而烦恼吗? 或没有信心开口说英语?

我们的英语会话课程除了着重于学员们在英语沟通会话方面的加强,也兼顾学员在于聆听与理解、发音训练、词汇、书写等等方面的运用哦~ 轻松的全英语环境让学员围绕各种有趣的课题进行讨论和运用的训练,让您在互动的环境中提升英语会话自信!

  • 适合年龄:13 岁以上
  • 程度分班:基础  ➠  初级  ➠  中高级班
  • 班级人数:小班制教学 (Maximum 9 位)
  • 学院地点:7-02, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, JB.
  • 上课时间:早、午,晚及周末班 ( 通过网络订课系统自由安排课程时间 )
  • 课程内容:轻松有趣地让学员融入课题讨论,加强词汇理解运用、模拟各式实用课题对话、临场表达沟通能力、聆听与灵活运用英语、书写技巧、发音训练、演说等等...

*首先必须先通过一次 FREE 的英语程度测试,等评估的结果和了解语言上的弱点,才能安排课程喔* 

#TouchLearning #EnglishCourse #IELTS #TamanMountAustin #AustinHeights

~~ 欢迎联络询问详情以及安排 "免费" 英语考试程度测试 ~~


Touch Learning Mount Austin 英语中心
Tel : +6017-730 4893 (Mr. Ong)
Email : touchedu02@gmail.com

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Part Time General English Course ( Johor Bahru )

May 24 2018, 07:03am

Posted by Wesley Tlea

Part Time General English Course ( Johor Bahru )

Our General English course focuses on improving your all-round English and in particular your communication skills. Our focus is on students interacting and communicating with each other and getting you to use the language you learn to make you more fluent and confident in English.


Class schedules are flexible and you can book the classes that suits your timing. This course is ideal for working adults / students who can only study on weekends and after working hours.

  • Levels Offered:Beginner to Intermediate Levels
  • Course Length:3 months to 1 year
  • Class Duration:1 hours & 30 minutes per class
  • Class Size:Maximum of 9 learners per class

Key Features of this Course: 

We adopt 100% titles from the OXFORD University Press which has been specially designed for learners to learn and improve English as a Second Language. Covering global and interesting topics, this helps inspire learners to learn English and enhance general knowledge through presentations and debates. Authentic audios will also be given to learners, to feature both native and non-native speakers, this help builds learners' ability to understand the natural English of international speakers.


In General, it covers all 4 essential skills of English: 




Visit/ Call us today and take a FREE assessment test to ascertain your level of English proficiency, so that we will know which level of English best fits for your needs.


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