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Touch Learning 新山英语会话中心

[JOHOR BAHRU] - Adult English Course (新山成人英语会话课程)

, 11:59am

Posted by Mr. Ong (017-730 4893)

[JOHOR BAHRU] - Adult English Course (新山成人英语会话课程)


Learning a second language may be cumbersome for many, but here in Touch Learning & Edu Advisory (TLEA), we made easier for everyone as we facilitate smooth and fun learning through a communicative approach to stimulate language learning. Our professional tutors will guide you through multitudes of effective phrases and vocabulary-enhancing activities that will enable you to introduce yourself and present confidently to anyone in any kind of setting. You will also learn question-formation and pronunciation, and your confidence will be boosted with each and every lesson that you attend.

Our General English course focuses on improving your all-round English and in particular your communication skills. Our focus is on students interacting and communicating with each other and getting you to use the language you learn to make you more fluent and confident in English.

Class schedules are flexible and you can book the classes that suits your timing. This course is ideal for working adults / students who can only study on weekends and after working hours.

To sum it up in simple points, our General English Course is designed for learners to learn and covers the necessary major English language skills, which will:
   ⇒ Focus on Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing Skills
   ⇒ Encourage and Improve Grammar, Vocabulary & Response Capability
   ⇒ Cover Presentations, Role-Plays and Debates Skills
   ⇒ Learn features of English Stress & Intonation Patterns

    Course Duration
    Subjected to each learner’s learning capability and level, learners who undergo this course will attend either 2–12 lessons per week from Tuesday to Sunday with 1.5 / 3 hours per day. As every learners are different, in personality, learning style, and goals, learners are required to sit for a FREE placement test first to confirm their level of English proficiency and also their learning capability before enrolling into this course.

    Class Maximum Size
       •  Maximum 9 learners per class

    Key Features of this Course:
    Covering global and interesting topics, this helps inspire learners to learn English and enhance general knowledge through presentations and debates. Authentic audios will also be given to learners, to feature both native and non-native speakers, this help builds learners’ ability to understand the natural English of international speakers.

    In General, it covers LISTENING, READING, WRITING & SPEAKING skills.

    Visit/ Call us today and take a FREE assessment test to ascertain your level of English proficiency, so that we will know which level of English best fits for your needs.

    Touch Learning Centre 
    Tel : +6017-730 4893 ( Mr. Ong )
    Email : touchedu02@gmail.com

    ●  Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai
    ●  Taman Mount Austin, JB
    ●  Downtown JB
    ●  Indahpura, Kulai



    新山 Touch Learning 英语会话中心 与一般不同,这里不是补习班,没有采用传统式的方法,更没有为了迎合考试而学习英文的环境。我们抛开一般 “工厂式” 教育制度,以生动有趣的方式学习,从生活中轻松掌握好英语-听、讲、读、写!

    • 上课时间:早、午,晚 - (自由选择性上课  |  一堂课进行为 1.5 小时)
    • 课程内容:Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing...
    • 班级人数:小班制 (每班人数不超过9人) 
    • 学院地点:Skudai / Downtown JB /  Kulai / Mount Austin

    为何选择我们!就让我们来和大家说说我们 Touch Learning 英语中心的 4 大优点!

    1. 根据个人程度量身定做课程 — 我们的教育顾问会和每一位还没正式开始上课前做个专业的程度测试!这个测试主要是用来了解学者的程度和英语的问题以便顾问们能够准确的为学者编排课程。

    2. 小班制教学 — 我们的课程一班最多只会接受 9 位学者上课,就算这堂课只有你一人来上我们的老师也会非常愿意的教你的哦。

    3. 上课时间自由 — 我们的上课时间是非常自由的从早上 (10.30am) 到晚上 (9.00pm) 都有适合你们的时间,课程分为早午晚班所以不管你是早上,下午或晚上你都能够选到适合你的上课时间。

    4. 卓越的教师团队 —我们Touch Learning 英语中心的师资都非常优良各个都在与教育方面非常有经验以及心得,在授课时更是采用趣味式教学那样学者在上课时都不会觉得沉闷,无聊。有了专业的老师在加上独特的教学方式在配合我们精心挑选的教材,我们相信肯定能够帮助的到你提升英语能力哦!


    ●  热线:017-730 4893 ( Mr. Ong )

    只需 RM30

    ( 新山英语中心 - 英语会话课程与IELTS预备课程  )

    📲 WhatsApp/Call: 017-730 4893 ( Mr. Ong )
    📩 Email: touchedu02@gmail.com
    ​ⓕ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TouchLearning
    ⇒ Location:JB / Sutera Utama / Kulai / Mount Austin