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Study at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Singapore

, 12:10pm

Posted by Wesley Tlea

General background
At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore was conceptualized in 1999 by founder Dr Kwan Lui and started its operations in 2001 with the aim of being an Asian Culinary Academy. By 2004, At-Sunrice has expanded its vision to embrace both Asian and Western cuisines. The Academy imparts skills and knowledge in East and West, Old World and New World cuisines, herbs and spices, innovation and technology. A synchronised study-apprenticeship rotation enable the students to expand their horizons beyond the classrooms, maximising their employability and preparedness for careers as global chefs and F&B professionals upon graduation.

The environment
At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is located at 28 Tai Seng Street, Singapore. The academy employs cutting edge technologies to boost productivity at its new premise and showcases a repertoire of industry standard kitchens, equipment, tools and software. It conceptualized and implemented three distinctive kitchens, all of which are firsts in the culinary training industry. Ever since its establishment in 2001, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has been renowned for its iconic SpiceOdyssey™ experience which brings participants on a thrilling discovery into the world of natural spices used in global cuisines.

Currently the academy is EduTrust certified and is recognized by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) as a National CET Institute (NCI) administering nationally-recognized diplomas. It has also signed degree articulation agreements with renowned educational institutions including Johnson & Wales University (USA), the University of West London (UK), Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. Students can choose from a range of degree and nationally-recognised diploma, certificate, modular, assessment-only-pathway (AOP) and continuing education modular programmes suitable for their level of experience and commitment.

2001年起,香阳环球厨师学院(At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy)不断地栽培具有国际水平的厨师及餐饮业专业人士。香阳环球厨师学院不但提供良好的学习环境、恰当的实习机会,更让学生从中体验精湛的厨艺与创意激荡。新加坡香阳环球厨师学院教育融合了东西方烹饪研究、传统与现代烹饪方法,香草及香料,严格奉行学习和实习相结合的教学课程保证每一位学生在学院的教学体验。每年6月的最后一个星期三,新加坡香阳环球厨师学院都将举办人才配对招聘TalentMatch©,烹饪与食品服务行业的明日之星将在这里诞生。作为新加坡唯一的烹饪行业招聘会,学院以“最佳适配”理念吸引了许多国际招聘公司和烹饪雇主来此招聘机智、有抱负的明日环球厨师。


香阳环球厨师学院是新加坡第一家获得国家继续教育培训机构(National Continuing Education Training Institute, NCI)颁发认证的厨艺学院。它已连续三年夺得年度最佳厨艺学院奖(200820112013年),并于最近在世界美食峰会中获颁2014年最佳餐饮业奖。除此之外,香阳环球厨师学院还向杰出的烹饪界专业人士颁奖。这些获奖者在他们的职业生涯中展示出了技巧上的才能以及对烹饪知识的全面了解。同时,他们也是年轻厨师们的导师。香阳环球厨师学院在每年4月召开世界美食峰会期间颁发GlobalChef奖。现已有27人获得GlobalChef的奖项。


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